Authentic Impact enables growth, change, and peak performance by providing the right tools, resources, and support.


MAI Organization™

Managing complexity is one of the most challenging aspects of running a successful business. Your strategy needs to balance opportunity, competition, human capital requirements and rapidly changing technology. MAI Organization™ provides a full range of consulting and facilitation services to help organizations achieve unprecedented clarity and focus.

MAI Team™

Help Wanted: “Must work well independently and play well with others.” MAI Team™ provides the tools your employees need to understand the team’s unique skills and abilities, resulting in a shared accountability. Teams change counter-productive attitudes and behaviors, engage in constructive dialogue, develop conflict resolution skills and build a solid foundation of trust.

MAI Coach™

Today’s leaders are under tremendous pressure to do more with less, while navigating an increasingly complex and competitive business universe. MAI Coach™ provides leadership coaching for sustainable individual, team and organizational transformations. An Authentic Impact principal or associate provides evidence-based, results-focused coaching.


Our clients include individuals, business owners, and corporate leaders across a wide range of industries.
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MAI Positive Core™ for a comprehensive picture of you…at your best.

MAI Capacities™ to increase your skills in Self-Mastery and Leadership.

MAI Plan™ to balance the domains of your life: Career, Finances, Relationships and Health.

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Our associates bring a wide range of business experience and coaching expertise to our growing client base.
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Why Choose Us?

  1. We connect quickly with our clients because we’ve been where they are – we’ve built and led global businesses and faced the same challenges in our corporate lives. We know, first hand, the importance of delivering sustainable solutions because we’ve lived through the disappointment of quick fixes disguised as long-term solutions.
  2. We respect our clients’ unique needs. We have the proven tools and resources to fully engage people in the process of achieving their unique objectives.
  3. We’re flexible and our solutions are scalable. Whether it’s coaching a single leader or an entire team, conducting workshops for 20 employees, or customizing webinars for an entire sales team, we tailor our approach to you.
  4. We take the complex and make it simple. Our favorite words from a client are “This is completely clear to me now!”
  5. We enable growth, change and peak performance by providing the right tools, resources and support.

“Helen serves as my executive coach and has added tremendous value by enhancing my self awareness as well as my ability to manage teams to maximize performance.”

Adrian Basaraba, SVP, AGF Investments


“My coaching sessions with Gordon have been invaluable!  The coaching has exceeded my expectations!  I am amazed by the growth I have obtained from coaching.”

Ginny Frigge,SVP,First Data


Our clients include individuals, business owners, and corporate leaders across a wide range of industries. Partial list:



Hardwiring Happiness

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Orchids & Dandelions

The Swedes have long had a name for children who bloom where they’re planted – whether in well-tended garden or a sidewalk crack – “dandelion children”.  Thomas Boyd, a University of Arizona developmental psychologist and Bruce Ellis, a developmental pediatrician from... read more


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