My son is now a teenager and as a result is allowed access to the fitness center. He recently started working with a personal trainer. As you might imagine, a 13 year old has his own unique fitness goals (in his case a couple related to hockey and several related to “being ripped for pool season”). His trainer is helping him to understand the value of “strengthening the core” and the role the core has in achieving his goals.

The “core” typically refers to the muscles in the abdomen, back, and pelvis. These core muscles serve as a sturdy link connecting the upper and lower body that impact almost all our movements. Harvard Medical School in their publication: The Real-world Benefits of Strengthening Your Core, indicate that a strong core
1. enhances balances and stability,
2. prevents falls, and
3. underpins almost everything you do.

The sturdy link that connects all that we do at Authentic Impact is what we refer to as MAI (my) Positive Core. In short, MAI Positive Core™ combines the results of four highly respected assessment tools to create a comprehensive and actionable picture of you … at your best. When we truly recognize it and leverage it, we have the greatest impact. Interestingly, just like the physical core, your positive core also enhances balance and stability, prevents falls, and underpins almost everything you do.

Your most natural way of thinking, behaving and taking action combined with your signature talents and most deeply held values are the “muscle groups” in your positive core. Knowledge and practice using these “muscles” allows you to achieve balance and stability. Think of an extended time when you have had to work outside your comfort zone or against the grain of your values and you get a sense for the lack of balance felt when we act inconsistently with our positive core. The positive core can also help prevent falls. Knowing your unique strengths and inherent vulnerabilities allows you to be aware of slippery places and gives you some support to grab hold of when needed. Just like a strong physical core is important for tasks as mundane as putting on a pair of shoes and as demanding as competitive power lifting, your positive core is important in how you choose to spend your evening or how you choose to spend the rest of your life.

MAI Positive Core™ is the foundation for all of our programs at Authentic Impact. Leveraging your positive core allows you to live your life in an authentic and integrated way. And, just like core exercises are helping my son reach his fitness goals, your positive core can help you reach your life goals.

You at your best … constructive, effective and inspiring.

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