Megan and Michael were looking a good deal more relaxed at their next appointment.

“Good news!” Megan started off, “We talked with all the parents, and much to my surprise, Michael’s mother was more than willing to cut the guest list once we explained our reasoning about the finances, and wanting to have more time with each guest. She hadn’t considered how impersonal such a big event might prove to be.”

“And we found a way to cut the meal cost considerably. One of the few benefits of a large family – painfully few at times – is the diversity of careers among my relatives,” Michael said, smiling. “My cousin John is graduating this year from culinary school and our wedding is going to be his end of term project. We pay for the food, and they prepare it.

“We’ve also found a really great venue. Even with the rental costs of the tables, chairs, etc. we’ve cut the cost to about $60 a head, about half of what it was going to be.

“With the budget we’ve drawn up, we should have more than enough for the wedding, and be able to go on a nice honeymoon. We’ve actually never travelled anywhere together, so we’re looking forward to that.”

“But the best news of all is how we’re working together on this,” added Megan. “I don’t feel so alone in having to manage the “comfort” and social side of our lives, and Michael feels less stretched in meeting all of his, or I should say, our obligations.

“Knowing that we really both want very similar things, but come at it from different directions sometimes, really helps.”

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